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RDI Consumer Credit Counseling Service

RDI has been helping individuals and families reach their financial goals since 1968. RDI is not a typical consumer credit counseling agency; we are a full service credit and debt management company dedicated to helping you set and reach your financial goals. Through this online tool you are able to begin the process of taking control of your finances. Along the way, you can use this tool to monitor your progress as you work towards your financial goals. 

This site is password protected with unique password identification numbers (PINs). Data passed back and forth is encrypted to keep sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

RDI can assist you with

A Financial Assessment with a Certified Counselor
Credit Building
Debt Management
Accessing Additional Financial Resources
Bill Pay
Tax Preparation
Financial Education
Reverse Mortgage

Welcome! RDI is committed to being your professional partner as you work towards your financial goals. You can begin here by creating an account and developing your budget. The next step is your financial review with a certified RDI Credit and Debt Counselor. During that appointment you will determine your financial goals, review your budget, and develop an action plan to reach your goals.

Your path to financial independence begins with tracking your money. Click Get Started Now to begin. 



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Welcome back! Click here to view or update your personal information, payment history, and current status. This is also where you access the financial reference library and our client links. 

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