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RDI Consumer Credit Counseling Service

RDI links families to resources and resources to families. 
We embrace the values of community, accountability, respect, capacity, and hope.

Founded in 1968 as Consumer Credit Counseling Service, RDI provides programs and develops partnerships to help youth, individuals, and families achieve economic independence.  

Our work consists of a systems approach to change moving individuals and families along a continuum with one end being economic dependence (public assistance) and the other economic independence (ability to choose lifestyle). Every consumer is somewhere along the continuum and it is our goal to assist individuals and families in accessing services to help move further along that continuum. 

All of our success has been possible by focusing on building strong relationships, increasing our knowledge and understanding of our communities, and sharing a vision for our region where families can thrive in the communities they choose. 

RDI and our partners accomplish this by using strategies that help people Earn, Keep, and Grow assets. These strategies are both direct service (credit and debt management, work support benefit screening, financial education, individual development accounts, and EITC outreach) and indirect services (policy work, communication tools for increasing awareness, coalition building, and convening dialogues through roundtables and forums). We are inclusive of all types of communities across our region urban, rural, and Native. More information can be found at www.RuralDynamics.org.






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